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What is Scarlet Tales ?

Menstruation in India has always been a subject of distaste, discussed behind closed doors. That is exactly what Scarlet Tales intends to change. A couple of young, spirited entrepreneurs, Sachin and Akanksha wanted to open these doors and change the way India looks at menstruation. Curated menstrual care packages that aim at transforming period experiences, the underlying mission of each of these boxes is to start dialogue around period stigma. Even if there are only period and hygiene supplies in the kit, Scarlet Tales is all about making her feel that she is being cared for. That’s what Scarlet Tales is - a care package in its entirety.

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Period Starter Kit

When your tween is ready to join the club, this will be the perfect way to initiate her into it. First periods can be tricky because there’s no saying when it will happen. That’s why a compact kit with natural pain management remedies and notes on hygiene is all that your child needs for a positive first experience.

Essentials Kit

When you’ve subscribed to periods, there is no cancelling. That’s why you need an Essentials Kit that will help you fight the mini-ninjas inside you. Every month. Covering everything that you need during your bloody days, the kit is designed keeping your comfort in mind.

Affection Kit

For some of us, it feels like four days of rising tides. That’s why the Affection Kit has been designed to help you when you are swinging like a pendulum. After thorough research, we have put together a kit with hygiene and wellness products that will alleviate your mood in surprising ways!

What we stand for



Forget scattered period purchases. Get your period essentials including hygiene and wellness products in every Scarlet Tales kit.



A curated collection of eco-friendly products that aim at trending sustainable period practices.



Through our journey, we’ve learnt that the only way to break the taboo around menstruation is by talking about it.



Our core mission is to educate girls and women on the importance of menstrual hygiene, and the need to talk about period stigma.


Scarlet Tales doesn't provide commodities, it give you a whole new experience altogether! It's a conversation starter to what has for long been a taboo now. It's more than just products, it gives me an overwhelming sense of pride and empowerment. The packaging, the curation of the box, the tag line, all so neat! To top all of that, the sanitary napkins are actually super comfortable. By the end of my cycle I tend to develop rashes, but with these napkins I haven't had that problem. Definitely switching up to these considering how they're organic as well! Highly recommend Scarlet Tales to all women!

Priya Mardia
It is an amazing product, and I must say a much needed one!! It is a proper amalgamation of wellness, mood busters and hygiene.. Very impressed with the idea!!

Dr. Shikha Shah
A gorgeous box to fulfil all your needs and cravings during your periods. Saves your time, energy and the hassle to step outside your home. Love the concept that every month I can find something different in my scarlet box. And most importantly, for the very first time, my husband felt that periods is actually a big deal. Subscribe to Scarlet Tales, it's a no brainer!

Risthi Jain
The period essentials box is a box of joy. This idea really fascinated me because of its uniqueness. I love how considerate Scarlet Tales is. Feels good to be cared for. It is also a great gift that no lady would dislike.

Fatima Jaffari
The Starter Kit along with the guide is perfect for my daughter's first period. It helped me communicate the topic of periods and prepare her for it very well. She now looks forward to her periods.

Mrs. Prachi Shah

Curated period hygiene kits that aim at breaking the taboo around menstruation by just talking about it.
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